About The Blog

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Bert and I’m a tree surgeon/expert from West Dorset. I’ve lived in a town called Bridport (You may know this as ‘Broadchurch’ from the popular BBC TV show) all my life… I’m now 32 years old! I love the area as it’s a great mix of coastline and countryside… and as a tree surgeon, I’m a big fan of the countryside and all the vast woodland and wildlife that is contains. I’m also in love with the water (sea, ponds, streams…you name it!) and the fish that come it. Have you got any idea why the blog is called what it is yet… 😉

So to recap… I love fish, wildlife and I’m a (professional) wood carver – So that’s what the blog is all about 🙂 I’ll mostly blog about my fishing adventures in my local area and also outside this wonderful part of the world, I’ll talk about the areas wildlife and landscapes, I’ll touch on my job and my love for all things wood… and maybe sometimes I’ll throw some stuff in from complete left-field… you never know!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I have to say and please do get involved and leave comments if you like… I would love to start a conversation with people who have the same interests as myself.

Best wishes,